Stakeholder Engagement

I have led stakeholder engagement programmes for many years and have a strong network of contacts within the food industry, academia, health professionals, and health organisations. I can help deliver information about products and brands to key influencers be that via one-to-one meetings, hosting roundtable events or speaking at conferences.

Events and Conferences

Events and conferences are an impactful way of sharing messages with key audiences. I have led numerous health and nutrition events, from organisation to final delivery, including small stakeholder roundtables and presence at large conferences, for example Nursing in Practice and Food Matters Live. I am available to create, support and/or deliver your event and conference plans.

Media and PR

I am available to provide quotes and articles for the media, bringing a sensible, balanced, clear point of view to any nutrition subject or debate.

I have worked with some of the biggest PR agencies in the land, and can support your in-house or agency PR campaigns, providing nutrition expertise and input.

Healthcare Professional and Marketing Communications

I have vast experience in generating strategy and leading healthcare professional programmes. I can work with you to create and execute communications with healthcare professionals such as dietitians, practice nurses and GPs to improve understanding and increase trust in your product range or category.

I have experience working on tv, radio and print advertising for major brands and can support your marketing communications to ensure scientific accuracy and consumer understanding.

Presentations and Chairing Meetings

I am a well-regarded and experienced public speaker, and can communicate in an engaging manner on any nutrition topic. If you would like me to talk at your event or meeting please do get in touch.

I have chaired numerous scientific conferences, including in my role as Chair of Nutritionists in Industry, and various other scientific events and meetings. I enjoy moderating scientific debate, education and stakeholder meetings.

Workplace Wellbeing

I am available to run workshops and events at your workplace to improve employees’ knowledge and understanding about health and nutrition. I have various packages available including ‘Nutrition myth-busting’ and ‘Healthy you – how to live and work more healthily’ or we can work together to create content specific to your business. Please contact me for more information.

I can also work with you to make the workplace itself a healthier place for your employees – providing a full evaluation of your current offering and suggesting practical, cost-effective changes to help make your employees healthier and happier and therefore more productive!

Reputation Management

I have worked on many campaigns to improve understanding of mechanisms of action and scientific evidence behind specific ingredients, in order to improve their reputation with key stakeholders, and ultimately consumers. I can help you communicate information about an ingredient or product more effectively to your key audiences, as long as there is clear evidence behind it of course.

Product Development and Recipe Analysis

I can offer nutrition support at any stage of the product development journey, from choosing key ingredients and nutrient profile and calculating nutrition information, to communicating the end result to key stakeholders. I bring experience of working on some of the country’s biggest brands, and can help with your new product launches.

I can accurately analyse recipes for you, providing full nutrition information or Reference Intake values.

Claims Development and Regulatory Support

I can help ensure the claims you make about your products on pack or in communications, such as television and press adverts, are legal, meet current legislation, can be scientifically substantiated and are clear to the consumer, thereby reducing your risk of challenge.